2021 is the Best Time to Own a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

If you’ve been considering growing your commercial cleaning business, you may not want to put it off any longer. Many people are starting their own commercial cleaning business in 2021, and for good reason. The Covid-19 pandemic put health and cleanliness at the forefront of everyone’s mind. Consequently, more businesses are including commercial cleaning in their 2021 budget. Owning a franchise is one of the easiest and fastest ways to grow your business. It’s an exciting time to own an OpenWorks franchise, and we are extremely optimistic that all of our franchisees will have a great year.  

The commercial cleaning industry is expected to see 5.4% annual gains from now to 2025 (Market Research). Despite a small slump in 2020 due to office closures, demand for commercial cleaning quickly picked back up. Commercial cleaning is a highly recession-resistant industry, which is why it appeals to so many entrepreneurs. Regardless of what happens with the economy, there are certain industries (like healthcare and education) for which professional cleaning is non-negotiable. Because of this, commercial cleaning business owners benefit from a relatively stable career and financial security.  

Demand for commercial cleaning will only grow as more businesses implement regular disinfection policies and practices this year to reopen at full capacity. In fact, a survey of employees conducted by OpenWorks in May 2020 showed that 73% of employees wanted their workplace cleaned daily. Businesses can’t hire just anyone for these services. Commercial cleaners must have the proper training and tools, including EPA List N disinfectants, in order to effectively disinfect an office space. To further complicate things, different surfaces require different treatments to prevent destroying finishes or leaving stains. 

Businesses don’t just need to ramp up cleaning practices. They also need to demonstrate to employees and customers that they are taking the situation seriously. Our survey revealed that 76% of employees believe it is important to use commercial cleaning companies that employ trained and certified professional technicians. Facility managers, employees, and customers will be looking for businesses that work with a respected commercial cleaning partner with recognized credentials.  

2021 is an excellent time to own a commercial cleaning business, but it will also be competitive.  Businesses will be looking for commercial cleaners that are qualified to properly disinfect and able to accommodate their unique needs. If you’re not sure how to go about getting the appropriate training and tools, owning a franchise could be an excellent option. Many commercial cleaning companies offer ongoing training for franchisees, so they can always meet the changing needs of businesses. You’ll also benefit from working under a recognized and respected brand name, which is a huge advantage over cleaning businesses that will start from scratch this year.  

Commercial cleaning businesses with an established standard of high-quality services and recognized credentials will be poised to succeed in the highly competitive environment of 2021. When considering a franchise, look for a partner with credentials and qualifications such as:

  • OSHA Certification
  • Cleaning Practices That Follow CDC Guidelines
  • Background Checks On Service Providers
  • EPA-Approved Disinfectants And Cleaning Products
  • Dedicated District Manager And Customer Service Support
  • Ongoing Training for Franchisees

...among others. These are the qualifications business owners will be looking for in 2021.  

In 35 years in business, OpenWorks has helped over 700 franchisees support their families while enjoying flexibility and freedom. We have 20 regional support centers that are available to help you address any issues. The best part is, our franchisees have customers from day one without making any sales calls. OpenWorks specializes in helping small business owners realize their dreams of owning a franchise. Request more information and start your franchise journey today.

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