7 Cleaning Company Secrets

The 7 Secrets Your Cleaning Company Doesn’t Want You to Know


Often cleaning companies don’t want to give away their best kept secrets. That leaves you in an awkward position where you’re not sure if they have the knowledge to get the job done. But that is exactly the kind of information you want to know before you invite their services into your home or business.At OpenWorks, we believe in open communication with our clients. So we compiled a list of the 7 secrets that your cleaning company doesn’t want you to know. We hope you find them just as useful as we do.

  1. Get rid of the clutter before you clean – You are most likely cleaning because your home feels cluttered and messy. Decluttering before you start cleaning can help ease your mind and focus your goals on what you want to clean before you begin the process.
  2. Make a list – Similar to going grocery shopping, make a list of areas that you want to clean. It’s easy to get trapped in a one room deep clean and lose focus on the rest of your home. Making a list will help you keep focused during your cleaning.
  3. Don’t forget to dust – Those sometimes-invisible dust mites can cause quite the problem for allergy suffers and clean aficionados. The most commonly neglected areas for dusting are fan blades, electronics, and mantelpieces.
  4. Don’t be afraid to get on your knees – Often times we neglect what’s going on by our feet. Don’t forget to sometimes get on your knees and clean the low areas too.
  5. A toothbrush is your friend – When cleaning the bathroom and kitchen, a toothbrush can be your most valuable asset. Getting deep into the tiles and your sink can help take your kitchen and bathroom to the next level of clean.
  6. Deep clean your fridge – It’s easy to overlook your fridge during the cleaning process, and sometimes the daunting task of having to remove all the contents of ones fridge can be off-putting. However, giving your fridge a deep clean can not only increase the shelf life of your food, it can also help your kitchen feel refreshed and clean.
  7. Clean Happy – It helps to go into the cleaning process happy, because when you finish you’ll have a clean home and will hopefully be happier. But that’s not the only benefit, cleaning happy can help you have an increased focus so you can do the most thorough possible job.

What are your cleaning secrets?

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