9 Tips to Find Employees and Keep Them

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Trying to find employees that are the right fit for your company can be like playing "Where's Waldo?".There's a sea of interesting people but most of them are not the person you're looking for- the right person for the job.How do you weed through the stacks of resumés to find the right people for your team?Keep reading for tips on finding and retaining employees and building a team for success.

1. Tell Them Want You Want, What You Really Want

One of the best ways to get the right people to apply for the job is to make sure you give as much information as possible when posting the job opening. You want to grow your business but it doesn't do any good to hire employees quickly only to have to go through the process again in a month's time.This way you don't have to spend time and resources on interviewing people only to learn they aren't really qualified or don't want the position you're looking to fill.

2. Read Between the Lines

When you're looking at hundreds of resumes, they can all start to sound and look the same. You need to read between the lines and learn more about skills and expectations to narrow the field of candidates.

3. Pre-Interview Interview

One way of making sure you're considering and hiring the best candidates for the job is to pre-screen those who submit a resume so that you can know more about them and whether they'd be a good fit for your company and the position you're hiring for.

4. Make Sure You're On the Same Page

High turnover rates in staff can often be attributed to there being a miscommunication or lack of understanding about the job when hired.The person may have known from the beginning that it was just a stopover until they found something better but often it's because they expected more from the position they accepted.

5. Do Your Research

There are a lot of ways to learn about the candidates for the job beyond the resume they send in for your perusal. The majority of employers now also check social media accounts and perform deeper background checks than previously required.Gone are the days of hanging a sign in the window and only attracting the interest of those walking by. The world wide web has provided businesses with a global pool of candidates and a wealth of resources for business success.Interview questions, surveys and skill tests can all be performed while candidates apply online. You have the benefit of being able to make informed decisions when narrowing the candidate pool down for interviews or further consideration.

6. More Than One Pool to Find Employees

There are lots of places to find great employees, so don't always rely on the same pool of candidates. You also may find options like outsourcing or hiring contract workers to be a better choice for you.This allows you to hire an expert for particular projects or tasks without committing money and resources to a full-time employee that you can't afford. Don't rush into hiring someone who isn't right for the job simply because you need to fill the position.

7. Positive Work Culture

One of the best ways to keep good employees is to provide them with a work culture that offers support, positive energy, and appreciation for a job well done.More companies than ever are adopting the philosophy of Richard Branson. The CEO of Virgin adheres to the belief that genuinely loving every person within the company is crucial to its success.The better you treat your team, the more dedicated and committed they will be to doing the best job they can. Whether they are Chief Financial Officer or the night janitor, the amount of energy you invest in an employee's success will be returned through their willingness to work harder, be more productive, and be more loyal as a team member.

8. Challenge and Grow

An employee that feels valued, challenged, and able to expand their skill set will be more satisfied in their job and won't feel the need to look elsewhere.The majority of employees don't leave a bad job, they leave a bad manager. It isn't what they are asked to do for the company but how they are asked to do it and whether their efforts are appreciated when they do a job well done.Even something as simple as a written certificate of appreciation can make the difference between a team member feeling like they are a valuable part of the team or them feeling overwhelmed, overworked, and underappreciated.Most of the Fortune 500 companies have come to realize investing in employees can be one of the greatest changes you can make towards helping with employee satisfaction and retention.You don't have to have a breakroom filled with video games and pool tables or offer afternoon massages and yoga sessions like some companies do. You just have to let your employees know they are valued and appreciated.

9. Open Door Policy

While it's great to have an open door policy for employees to feel comfortable coming to management with concerns, suggestions, or problems you also need to have open ears.An open door policy can be counter-productive if your team members feel the issues they bring forward are ignored and their opinions fall on deaf ears. Ensure that it isn't just a policy on paper and that your employees know you'll not only listen to their concerns but take any actions possible to make it the best working environment possible for everyone.

Find Employees That Care

You can find employees that care about your clients and your business by inspiring them to be passionate about the company mission and vision. Value your employees and invest in building a team that respects, trusts, and values each other and you'll have the blueprint for success no matter what industry you're in.Don't forget to bookmark our page for easy access to all our great resources. Or connect with us today to start building your plan for success.

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