Advice for Hiring an Integrated Facility Services Company

Expert Beacon (February 2015) - Many business owners and office managers are looking to consolidate when it comes to partners who provide facility services like commercial cleaning, HVAC work, landscaping services, etc. Instead of relying on multiple companies who handle one specific piece of the facility maintenance puzzle, these office decision makers are seeking out integrated facility services companies who can take care of it all.

Here are the top dos and don’ts you should keep in mind as you seek out your first (or next) integrated facility services partner.


  • Your homework and research on all companies
  • Solicit bids
  • Check references of companies and use one reference that is from a former customer
  • Identify clear expectations and set a scope of work before soliciting bids or contracting with a company
  • Have a plan from the facility service company on quality assurance checks and reviews of services


  • Go with the lowest price - there is a reason they are low
  • Be blinded by the shiny objects
  • Let them sell you a service you won't need
  • Accept their promises as facts - only the facts are true

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Author: Spencer Stevens, OpenWorks Regional DirectorSource: ExpertBeacon (February 2015)

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