Aidarex Pharmaceuticals

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February 2, 2018
Customer Success Stories
“I would recommend OpenWorks to a business”.- AliciaVice President of Operations

Established in 2007, Aidarex Pharmaceuticals is one of the country’s top pharmaceutical repackagers. With a repackaging facility based in Corona, California, they have active licenses in 48 states.


A Reliable Service ProviderAidarex Pharmaceuticals was looking for a service provider that they could rely on. Their main goal was to find a cleaning crew for their facility who was consistent in the services that they provided.


Calling OpenWorksWhen Airdarex Pharmaceuticals hired OpenWorks to take care of their facility, they were quickly impressed by our team’s on-site visits and inspections to ensure that the work being performed was up to their expectations.


High Level of Customer SatisfactionAirdarex Pharmaceuticals said that they thought OpenWorks’s constant contact with them to make sure they were satisfied with their service was a real strength. They found their cleaning crew to be reliable and consistent, and would be happy to recommend OpenWorks to a business associate.

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