Back to School: Keep Students Healthy with Commercial Cleaning

We all know to up the frequency of our cleaning routine during the winter because it’s when the cold and flu thrive. That’s why encouraging cleanliness within schools is important for the safety of your youngster and the well-being of the community. The Center for Disease Control revealed in a recent study that 22 million school days are lost each year due to cold viruses. With school funding greatly impacted by student performance, it’s a high priority for schools to remain a clean, healthy environment.Focus on high-touch surfaces. Areas that get a lot of contact such as hands-on learning items, door handles, computers, supplies, desks, and light switches should be cleaned more often during the winter time. We recommend you use hands-free towel and flushing systems in restrooms as well. You should also enforce a cleaning and disinfecting program to reduce the spread of bacteria.Improve air quality. Clean air leads to a reduction in odors, doctor visits, allergies and asthma hospitalization. So it’s a good idea to promote a sound labeling and storage system for all of the chemical cleaners within your school. When you use those cleaners, spray the cloth with the cleaner instead of the surface to prevent any unnecessary cross-contamination of chemicals.Quick clean up and preventative measures. It’s essential that faculty and staff members are up-to-date on how to communicate spills and messes. Notifying the proper staff of a spill fast and effectively means that fewer and milder chemicals are required to clean it up. You should also have preventative measures in place. It’s possible to prevent the spread of viruses in schools with scheduled maintenance of classrooms, restrooms, the cafeteria, and athletic buildings.Clean entry and exit mats regularly. Pollutants can enter schools on people’s feet so it’s important to properly vacuum floors. Especially, because carpets can retain moisture which will lead to mold and more places for viruses to thrive. Vacuum these areas regularly and effectively to reduce dust and dust mites, improving air quality. Put a focus on entry and exit ways, including any and all mats, to address high traffic areas that tend to get dirtier than anywhere else.By increasing awareness of sanitation strategies in schools, student and faculty performance can dramatically increase. At OpenWorks we want parents to rest assured that their young scholar is in a setting that is focused on promoting a healthy learning environment.

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