Becoming My Own Boss

A Success Story

Ibis Discua

Started OpenWorks Franchise in 1991

"I have found that I can rely on OpenWorks and they have the best interest of my business in mind. The Operations department has a great teamwork environment and they have really helped me to grow my business and to become successful."


Before OpenWorks I was doing book keeping, cleaning, and even worked in the restaurant industry. After doing these and other odd jobs I knew I wanted to be more independent and be my own boss. I heard about OpenWorks through the newspaper 22 years ago.


I looked into other franchise cleaning companies as well, but I went with OpenWorks because they seemed attractive and serious about the franchise business and offered everything I needed to start my own cleaning business. OpenWorks provided me with an initial equipment package and training on how to do detailed work. I am now my own boss, I set my own hours, choose my own employees, and I have economic freedom that I didn't have before. I feel confident about my relationship with OpenWorks.


Becoming my own boss - Ibis Discua

This has been a good journey; I have built a strong relationship with OpenWorks. There were times when the market wasn't doing well, but OpenWorks still found ways to provide me with additional business, financing, and training. As the years have gone by and I have acquired more business with OpenWorks, I have found that I can rely on them and have realized they have the best interest of my business in mind. I am looking forward to spending many more years with OpenWorks.Learn more about Unit Franchise Opportunities

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