The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Janitorial Company

Keeping a facility clean and in tip-top shape is integral to the success of any company, and a poorly cleaned facility can lead to some major headaches down the line for businesses. For example, think of how much the cold and flu virus costs employers after team members fall ill and are unable to come to work. Simple cleaning techniques pay for themselves when it comes to the prevention of flu germs.Some companies choose to keep their facility management in-house instead of opting to hire a professional company to service their needs, but this isn’t without its own pitfalls. The most cost-effective and sensible option for most facilities is to hire a professional janitorial company. But what are the benefits of doing so? If you’ve never hired an external company, or you’ve recruited an in-house team, here’s what you need to know about professional janitorial services:It saves you money. It sounds counter-intuitive, but for most companies, this turns out to be true. In fact, the International Facilities Managers Association (IFMA) estimates that in-house teams cost 40 cents more per square foot than outsourced teams. Often this is due to hidden costs, such as maintaining equipment and managing employee payrolls, vacations and absences. What sounds like an efficient way to cut costs at first often ends up costing companies more money.Teams tend to be technically trained (and know what they’re doing). Any professional janitorial company worth their salt will be able to tell you how they train their teams to ensure top quality service. As the core of their business, their attention and resources will be directed at making it the best it can be. Realistically, a team of professionally trained staff will be able to deliver better results for your facility.You can minimize your involvement. Another benefit of hiring a professional janitorial service is that it will alleviate the amount of involvement from facility managers and other team members. After all, the last thing you want to be doing is juggling the hiring, training and management of a crew on top of your normal job. Outsourcing your facility services will mean that employees will be able to spend their time where it is needed most.You’ll get a customer service team. Say you have an issue with your service, or you want to move around the dates of your service next week. Instead of going through the hassle of coordinating this yourself, any good janitorial company will have a customer service team on hand to answer your questions or queries. Some companies will even assign a direct point of contact to assist you. It’s the job of a janitorial company to be able to assist you with all your facility needs, so they tend to be highly attentive and responsive.They’re often one stop shops. With in-house teams, companies are often just paying for one particular service, such as janitorial. That means that if they need another service for their building – plumbing or grounds keeping, for example – they’ll have to find another team to do the work, or contract out to an entirely different company. A janitorial company, however, will likely be able to offer more than one service for your facility. You may even be able to integrate all your building needs into one monthly package, with one invoice. Services such as landscaping, general maintenance and pest control could all be handled by one company.You are unlikely to run out of supplies. With a professional janitorial company, the supplies and equipment are managed on your behalf, so you never have to worry about running low or out of supplies. Furthermore, the equipment that janitorial companies use is typically of higher quality, as they have the resources to invest in better, more advanced technology to support their core business.OpenWorks provides facility solutions to businesses across the country. For more information on how we could benefit you, check out our website here.

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