Celebrating Success in 2014

Improving facilities and pleasing people

At OpenWorks, we have a dedicated sales staff to support our franchisees and help them grow. They work so hard that we can’t help but give them their due. After all, we enjoy putting a spotlight on our fantastic franchisees and employees because we succeed as a team.At the end of 2013, two of those hard-working employees Christina and Scott decided to review the sales pipeline and reassign accounts. They decided to work together to close more business for OpenWorks. Eventually, one of those business opportunities was turned over exclusively to Scott. So, Scott started a follow-up campaign that included multiple touches; drops, calls and emails.After 7 whole months, the decision maker of the company responded to Scott’s most recent e-mail. He had finally caught his eye! That’s when Scott received the scope and RFP. Immediately he realized all his hard work was worth it because it was a big fish. So big that he realized he needed more than one fisherman. Together, he and Christina did the walk through, pricing and presentation. Finally, as a team, they received the signed paperwork from the company.In fact, the company’s employees were very impressed with OpenWorks. They loved when we shared our company’s mission “to improve your results by consistently making your facility, cleaner, safer and healthier” so much that they awarded Scott, Christina and Team OpenWorks a 3-year contract. A Washington franchisee received the new client in November of 2014 and couldn’t have been happier with the results.Talk about a dedicated sales staff for our franchisees – they stuck with a potential client for 11 months to seal the deal and provide great services to a business in need. We look forward to a great 2015 full of more client opportunities just like this one with a great staff to help make them happen!Are you interested in working for OpenWorks? Check out our available job opportunities here!

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