Chicago Crusader Shares Tips from OpenWorks' Staff to Lessen Chances of Getting the Flu

Five Areas to Clean to Lessen Chances of Getting Flu

As a nasty flu bug continues to ravage most of the country and most medical experts say February could be the worst month for new flu cases, a local cleaning company offers tips on reducing your chances of contracting influenza.

OpenWorks, a leading facility services and commercial cleaning company with offices in Rosemont, Illinois, has recently crafted a list of the “germiest” places in the home and office to help working adults keep their families (and themselves) safe this flu season.

Alex Wemple is the Illinois Regional Director for OpenWorks. He says it is critical to be aware of “office danger zones” as studies show that germs thrive on the human touch and the average adult brings their fingers to the nose, mouth and eyes about 16 times per hour. Areas of most concern in the office include the water fountain, microwave and refrigerator in break rooms, telephones, keyboard and mouse pads and community-used sinks.Read full article here.

Source: The Chicago Crusader   Written by: J. Coyden Palmer   Posted: January 24, 2015


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