How to Clean Windowsills and Window Tracks

If you’re being completely honest with yourself, do you really clean your windowsills and window tracks as often as you should? In truth, they’re likely the part of our work space that we’re most likely to forget about, while at the same time being the area that is most desperately in need of a good clean.Windowsills and window tracks are going to attract more than their fair share of dust and grime, given that (a) by virtue of being adjacent to windows they’ll draw in dust from outside, and (b) they’re largely forgotten about when it comes to window cleaning. Most facilities will consider window cleaning as it applies to the outside of their facility (high-rise offices, for example), but the interior often slips by unnoticed.If you’re thinking this all sounds eerily familiar, don’t panic! Here are three quick, easy ways that will allow you to keep your windowsills and tracks clean, safe and dust-free:Dust first – If you haven’t cleaned your windowsills in a while, it’s very probable that your sills are going to be caked in dust and grime, especially if your workspace opens the windows often. First thing’s first, wipe down the windowsills with a microfiber towel to retrieve the outer layer of dirt. For window tracks, you may find it easier to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it out. Getting the worst of the grime off first will make it easier to…Disinfect the area – there are multiple ways in which you can do this. For window tracks, baking soda is a great resource, as is vinegar, or even plain old dishwashing liquid. Most facilities are more likely to have dishwashing liquid on-site than baking soda (although you never know!) and will require minimal effort. Just dilute the dishwashing liquid in warm water, and either spray or simply pour the solution right into the tracks. For window sills, you can get stuck in with disinfectant wipes, which every workspace should have on hand!Get to cleaning the window tracks to dispose of all the grime. You can use anything from paper towels to a toothbrush to wipe down the tracks, but our favorite item that can be found in any work space is a craft roll, or toilet paper tube as they are most commonly called! These won’t break as you get into the corners of the tracks, and you won’t have to get your hands near all the collected dirt. Run the tube around the tracks, scrunching it up to get into the awkward corners if needed. Once you’ve got the area clean and free of grime, voila, you’re done! Just make sure you have a trash bag on hand to get rid of any grubby disposables that you’ve used, give the window sills and tracks a final wipe-down with a paper towel, and enjoy your clean windows.OpenWorks is a nationwide facility-services company for all your facility needs. For more information on how we can benefit your facility, check out our list of services here.

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