Commercial cleaning is the perfect franchise opportunity

Why Commercial Cleaning is the Perfect Franchise Opportunity

We all know that the economy has had a questionable decade or so. Though many businesses struggled, OpenWorks proved its economic resilience and ability to be an excellent long-term franchise opportunity. We’ll even be celebrating our 32nd birthday this year. If you’re thinking about starting a franchise, here are some reasons why you should choose OpenWorks as your franchisor.OpenWorks is here to stay.If you’re on the fence about taking a franchising opportunity because of the recent economic flux, we’ll help you out. Franchises have the highest success rates and lowest failure rates of any business in the United States. OpenWorks has a tried-and-tested business model and already enjoys widespread brand name recognition. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, even throughout the recession, franchises remained the fastest growing businesses in the United States.We are here to help, every step of the way.OpenWorks provides pre-opening and ongoing support for life. We will act as your guide for as long as you’re a franchisee with us. Just ask Ibis Discua, an OpenWorks franchisee since 1991. “There were times when the market wasn’t doing well, but OpenWorks still found ways to provide me with additional business, financing, marketing and training,” he said. Many of OpenWorks’ franchisees had little to no experience maintaining a business. Fortunately for them, OpenWorks provides all the tools and training to get started.Cleaning isn’t a fad.Unlike a fashion trend or new diet, cleaning services are in demand year round. OpenWorks found the niche in the market that doesn’t experience a seasonal decline in business. Think about it. Who doesn’t want to live in a clean environment? Plus, cleaning isn’t a service that businesses cut even during hard times. Face it, we provide a necessary service that provides you as a franchisee with a stable, reliable business model.At OpenWorks, we value individuals from all walks of life, seeking an opportunity to start their own business and be their own boss. If you’re interested in opening a franchise, start your future with us today!

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