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Immigrant Entrepreneur: Thankful for Opportunities in the U.S.

FOX Business features OpenWorks CEO & founder Eric Roudi in a TV segment Making Money with Charles Payne. OpenWorks and Eric Roudi were celebrated during the "Salute to American Success" segment of Payne's popular show on Fox Business Network.FOX Business (November 2014) - In 1978, Eric Roudi came from Iran to Massachusetts to attend college. But when revolution broke out in his native country, Roudi was forced to strike out on his own in the U.S.For this week’s Salute to American Success, we talked to Roudi about his growing franchise business, OpenWorks, a facility maintenance services company – and what he’s thankful for as an immigrant entrepreneur.“When I graduated, I had to figure out something to do … Through franchising, I could tap into my entrepreneurial spirit,” Roudi said.So after receiving his degree from Tufts University, Roudi set off for Phoenix, Arizona, and started developing a plan to enter into the commercial cleaning business.View the full article: "FOX Business: Immigrant Entrepreneur: Thankful for Opportunities in the U.S."Source: FOX Business Author: Charleys Payne Published on: November 28, 2014To recreate this success on a franchise level, contact OpenWorks' Franchise Specialist at 1-877-399-7895 or view all OpenWorks franchise opportunities.

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