Germ Trouble Zones in your Business

Anytime people gather in one place, it’s bound to become a place full of germs. But no place collects germs faster and spreads them wider than an office environment. In fact, germs from a cold or virus can spread around an office in about four hours. That’s no laughing matter!So how can you help keep your office germ free? By paying attention to the germ trouble zones in your business. These are the places where the most germs are found and sometimes they are even places that are overlooked while cleaning. Pay extra special attention to these Top 10 germ trouble zones:1. The Kitchen. Everyone in your company uses the kitchen for some reason or another. As a common stomping ground it is a huge place for germs to spread. From the refrigerator door to the coffee pot you need to pay extra attention to all the knooks and crannies in your office kitchen.2. Bathrooms. This one seems pretty obvious since it’s another high traffic area in your business. But the bathrooms in your office are still one of the germiest places. A good cleaning crew should give them a regular, thorough cleaning.3. Keyboard and Mouse. Think about it, your employees touch these objects all day long. That includes after eating lunch and while they’re battling a cold. These often overlooked places are vital areas for you to clean.4. Office Phones. This is another item that your employees are touching all throughout the day, even when they’re sick. It’s also another spot that is often overlooked when you clean your office. Next time, make sure you give the office phones a little more attention with the cleaning supplies.5. Desktops. If you’re desktops are cluttered with papers and pens you may not stop and think about all the dirt and germs underneath all of it. But the desktops in your office are germ central.6. Fax and copier machines. Think about the last time you saw someone give these machines a good cleaning? You probably can’t because they are often overlooked. But everyone in your office uses them on a regular basis so they become covered with germs over time.7. Doorknobs, light switches, railings. These are all the little places in your office that get high levels of traffic from your employees. They get touched multiple times a day by multiple people but we often forget about cleaning them. As a consequence they often hold high amounts of germs. Give those little places a good scrub!8. Vending Machine. If your office supplies it’s employees with a vending machine it probably gets a fair amount of use by multiple people. Therefore, it racks up the germ count.9. Elevator buttons. Probably one of the most overlooked places in a business is the elevator buttons. But they get pushed by everyone multiple times a day. That’s a lot of germs getting built up over time.10. Anything with grooves and edges. The number one place that germs can be found is within the grooves and edges of everyday objects and places in your business. They might not be the easiest things to clean but they are absolutely vital. Take a minute to find these porous places in your business to improve the health of your office now and in the future.

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