Holiday clean as you go tips

Hosting a holiday event is a stressful situation. Ensuring that your guests are comfortable is important, however, tackling the mess that they leave behind is just as essential. Here are 5 easy steps that can help you eliminate time by cleaning as you go:

  1. Game plan

Take the time to prioritize with a to-do list.Plan when you need a dish in the oven and when you need it out to ensure you stay on task. Focus on cleaning the common areas where guests will be first such as; bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms etc. and then bedrooms and study rooms last. Even input downtown to clean countertops and dishes.

  1. Get organized and stocked up

Before the event begins, make sure that everything is organized and easily obtainable for guests to avoid clutter and missing items. Utensils, plates, cups, and napkins should be easily displayed for guests. Double check that you have enough toilet paper in bathrooms, paper towels and all-purpose cleaning products for spills and messes. Spills are in most cases inevitable at a party, how quickly you handle it changes the outcome, so keep sponges and all-purpose cleaner on standby.

  1. Clean as you go

When you see it, clean it. This way you can relax later and save yourself some stress. Tackle the dishes as you cook, in between courses, as soon as guests are done with them, and whenever you have down time. Gather dishes that are not being used, clean up spills immediately to avoid stains. Keep up with the bathroom to make sure that there’s enough napkins, toilet paper, paper towels, and air freshener for guests.

  1. Keep up with trash

Trash cans can easily pile up. It’s important you take out the trash as soon as it fill to avoid odors. Make sure you show guests where the recycle bins are so that they know where to disregard recyclable items. Make your rounds and check up on trash cans in the bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms etc.

  1. Accept help

Even though you’re cleaning as you go there is still going to be work when everyone leaves so don’t burn yourself out and accept any hands offered. Get the family involved so that you won’t carry the burden alone. If a couple of helpful guests ask if you need any help, give them light tasks. You’ll be happy you did once the night is over.OpenWorks combines innovative methods with a uniform system to improve facilities across the country. For more information on what we could do to help you, visit our website here.

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