How Clean is Your Manufacturing Facility?

The importance of a clean facility cannot be understated; most importantly, because of the negative effects of a dirty facility. For example, if you aren’t maintaining a healthy, clean facility, you could face production line shutdowns, product recalls, damage to the brand and potential litigation.So how clean is your facility? That’s a question you should be asking yourself regularly. But how can you tell whether you are maintaining a clean plant? Well to start, you should know that there are four sources of contamination in a manufacturing plant. These sources are process, tools, environment and people. The levels at which these four sources interact with your facility will directly impact how clean your facility needs to be.Where can you look to check whether your facility is up to par?On the production floor. The No. 1 area you need to check for cleanliness is the production floor itself. After all, this is where all the work gets done and the greatest damage could be occurring. Check large, hard-to-reach equipment, which can offer a home for pests and dirt. Be sure to also check the production line thoroughly since this a great place for bacteria to grow.Out-of-sight areas. Out of sight, out of mind, right? Wrong. The places that are out of sight are a huge potential breeding ground for pests, dirt or bacteria. They should be regularly checked for proper cleanliness.Unused boxes and equipment. Once you are done with boxes and equipment, all efforts should be made to remove these items from your facility as soon as possible. But we all know that they can sit around for a while before that happens. Often, these unused items become ideal sites for germs to thrive. Make sure your cleaning crew is checking these places even though they are not in use, because those germs could spread to places that are.The exterior of your facility. You might not think the exterior of your facility is very important, but it’s just as vital as the interior when it comes to sanitation. If the outside isn’t properly clean, your building could look like a perfect haven for pests and germs. So be sure to keep the outside walls clean with regular power washings and regularly clear debris and standing water from gutters and rooftop ledges. Furthermore, keep all dumpsters as far as possible from building entrances and sanitize them regularly to prevent germ spread.We know this seems like a lot of work for your manufacturing facility to maintain. But that’s where commercial cleaning comes in handy. The right commercial cleaners can help you maintain and improve your facility for safer and healthier work spaces that will keep your business in tip-top shape. At OpenWorks, we have highly qualified teams that are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of your facility while complying with OSHA, HEPA and your Lock-Out/Tag-Out procedures.Contact OpenWorks today! Fill out the form below for a complimentary consultation of your facility. [sc name="OW New Contact Form"]

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