How Commercial Cleaning Can Improve Your Entire Business

How Cleaning Can Improve Your Business

You have a business to run, and we know it can be stressful. There’s so much to do just to keep everything running smoothly that you may not have time to think about the little things like regularly cleaning the office. But the thing is, keeping the office clean should actually be a big priority. Not only will it keep your employees happy and healthy, but it can also save your business money! Here are some ways hiring a commercial cleaner can improve your entire business.Reducing Employee AbsenteeismEmployees out sick can cost you a lot of money. According to a study by Kronos, the average cost of employee absence is equivalent to 35 percent of base payroll. But the good news is, you can prevent some of those sick days simply by cleaning your office. Things like mold, mildew, and even allergens in the air can have employees out sick for days. Do your employees - and your business - a favor and make sure you’re all working in a clean, safe, and healthy environment.Keeping Your Clients and Customers HappyFirst impressions are important. And when new (and old) customers stop by, you want them to feel comfortable and relaxed. A clean office is more likely to keep them satisfied and coming back for more.Improving ProductivityWe all know that time is money, and studies have shown that there is a direct link between productivity levels and the cleanliness of an environment. Keeping a clean office means more efficient employees and that’s good for business. But not only will a clean work environment improve office productivity, it will also save you valuable time during the work day. Having a commercial cleaning service means you won’t ever have to stop working to clean up a mess.Providing Quality Service Audits OpenWorks provides periodic in-depth checks of your facility conducted by the district manager. This means that when it comes to keeping your properties clean and maintained, we leave no stone unturned. You can be sure that you’re getting the most out of your cleaning service, constantly improving in the sustainability and efficiency of your business wherever possible to reduce costs.Avoiding Costly MistakesA commercial cleaning service will do the job right. You won’t have to worry about making mistakes and damaging valuable property by using the incorrect cleaning method or product. They know their stuff so you don’t have to!Reducing the Bottom LineThe bottom line is that a cleaning service will reduce your business’ bottom line. From everything to keeping employees healthy, keeping your customers satisfied, or improving productivity, hiring a commercial cleaning service will save your business money. Think of it like an investment rather than a cost.Looking to switch your commercial cleaning company? Fill out the form below and we will contact you![sc name="OW New Contact Form"]

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