How OpenWorks Provided the Perfect Career Change

After a successful thirty year-long career, you would think Ken Chaffee would be content to ride his achievements into retirement. Instead, he decided he needed a change and a new challenge. So he chose to leave the corporate rat race and start his own business. That’s when he discovered the OpenWorks franchise concept.

As a former director of operations, he was attracted to the idea of buying into a proven business model that already had smart and effective systems and processes in place. As a former corporate employee, affordability was an important factor in his franchise search as well. OpenWorks gave him a simple, effective, and affordable business model that didn’t require him to sell.

“I am not a salesman at heart, so I am thrilled to be working with a franchisor who doesn’t expect me to pound the pavement and provides me with a book of accounts. I can focus on my biggest strength, managing people, and help my staff deliver the OpenWorks promise - making commercial facilities cleaner, greener and healthier places to work.”

14 years later and he has exclusive rights to the New Mexico territory on top of serving El Paso and the general metro area of Phoenix. He chalks his success with OpenWorks up to the fact that he put in the hard work necessary to achieve as a business owner. But he also credits his success to the fact that the franchise system afforded him the ability to grow quickly right out of the gate with help from the corporate office.

So what advice would he give potential franchisees?

1. It is important that you come in willing to work. You have to possess real business skills that you can use to solve difficult problems. You will have to get your hands and feet dirty with a brand new business.

2. Don't undervalue the importance of customer service. It’s important to understand how to manage relationships regardless of your industry.

Despite the challenge of owning a business, Ken Chaffee would absolutely recommend the OpenWorks system to other corporate employees who are ready to make a big change in their career. As for himself, he’s always looking for ways to grow, even now at 64.

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