How To Keep That "Just Cleaned Smell" A Little Longer

People often underestimate the power of smell. There is a science and psychology behind that “just cleaned smell” and professional cleaners know that smell really matters! In fact, choosing the best scent for specific public areas is important depending on what the building owner or company manager wants visitors to do.

Whether they want people to sit and stay awhile or keep moving forward is a very specific decision. And smells can help choose that direction.

We are subconsciously attracted to pleasant smells or those that remind us of positive experiences in our past. Thusly, we can also be repelled by those that have negative experiences tied to them. The challenge is finding a smell that gives everyone positive feelings regardless of past experiences.

Professional cleaners often turn to understanding scent psychology. In fact, the sense of smell is the only one of the five senses that is directly connected to a part of our brain which controls and processes emotions.

For those who struggle with anxiety or a lack of motivation, psychologists often recommend regularly cleaning your place and surrounding yourself with a clean smell.

In the competitive space of retail and branding, companies with brick-and-mortar locations are just now working with the power of smell to improve customer experience and ultimately drive sales. Studies have found that the science of what has become known as “scent marketing” increased customer intent to purchase by 80%! Just by altering the smell of a location from “nothing” or “gas” (in an example of a gas station), to the smell of coffee, coffee sales increased by 300%.

Sometimes, it then becomes a professional cleaner’s job to retain the smell that building managers require. Most often, it’s that “just cleaned” smell. Sometimes it’s described as “fresh” and other times, it’s just known as “relaxing” but it’s something that most definitely always feels good and taps into that “good vibes” place in our brains.

We have picked 3 types of scents to consider for your office spaces (or even your home) that will keep that “just cleaned” smell lasting a little longer until your next cleaning.

1. A citrus aroma is always a great go-to scent. Citrus is known to increase serotonin levels in your brain acting like a natural mood booster. It’s fresh and natural, and its light scent has a beneficial effect on the limbic sector of our brains, which controls emotions and memory formation. For a quick hack, take your leftover lemons and limes and put them in your garbage disposal. Your kitchen will get a citrus boost.

2. If you want to de-stress, choose eucalyptus for a luxurious aromatherapy experience. You can diffuse some eucalyptus oil, or plant eucalyptus sprigs in pots. Bring more nature to your space by hanging it by your windows. A quick and fun hack is to gather some eucalyptus, tie it in a bunch and hang it by your shower head. The shower will quickly fill with a scent that will relax you and help alleviate any congestion you may have.

3. Don’t overlook the cute lavender plant, with its subtle and elegant smell. It brings ease and positive vibes, making you feel good about yourself and gives you a positive feeling about your plans. You can light lavender candles or use essential oils and indulge in the stress-releasing power of the plant. Studies have shown the smell to have a boost in energy while it calms.

Professional cleaning services are indeed irreplaceable. A thorough cleaning of your facilities will help to keep that desired clean smell a little longer. You can consider hiring professionals monthly or every three months because they know how to make sure every corner is clean and spotless.

Remember it’s essential to:

- Maintain a high level of hygiene

- Use room fresheners

- Take out the garbage every day

- Have good ventilation

- Eat in a separate place away from working spaces

- Add more green plants

Keeping your office or building smelling fresh and clean can affect the well-being of your business and its employees. And when you use professional cleaners, that extra boost in well-being is irreplaceable.

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