How to Organize Your Office

A messy office may not seem like that big of a deal, but it can have negative repercussions on the overall atmosphere of your workplace. It can cause employees to feel lethargic and unproductive, and if you’re client-facing, it can be nothing short of embarrassing.Furthermore, a messy workplace isn’t just aesthetically unpleasing – it can quickly become unhygienic. To keep your team motivated and prevent distraction, organizing your office properly is a must.However, like most big tasks, it can be daunting to know where to start – so we’ve compiled a check list to help you!Get the whole office involvedThe easiest and most efficient way to organize the office is to get the whole office involved! This will be most effective if you create a fun environment for the whole team. Calendar some time for the whole office to participate on a Friday afternoon, and order lunch to the office. Pizza is always a hit! Split your team into groups which are each responsible for their own area of the office. Divide and conquer!PurgeTalk to your building about renting a gondola-style trash bin – you’re likely going to have a LOT to throw away. Encourage your team to throw out anything old or unuseful. The aim is to create a space that is completely devoid of clutter and mess – which is why an office clean typically takes a whole afternoon!Create a dumping spaceWhile you’re purging, create one section of the office that is the dumping area, where employees can direct the flow of clutter that is being thrown out. This will make it easier for your groups to work on keeping their areas clean and clear. Once your office is clutter-free, it’s a good idea to keep one part of the office as a catch-all space for items that need to be throw out on a daily basis. This will help prevent the clutter from building back up again!Work outside-inOnce the communal areas have been tackled, encourage employees to organize their own desks at the same time as they’ll already be feeling motivated. Plus, organizing a desk will seem like a small task after clearing up bigger spaces.Utilize your desk spaceThe best way to utilize desk space is to keep it as clear as possible. The more clutter there is on a desk, the less likely it is that it will be kept clean, and the more likely it is to be a source of distraction. Your workspace is a representation of your frame of mind: keeping a physical inbox (using desk trays) and keeping desk items to a minimum will help to keep you engaged. Additionally, utilizing different areas of your desk for different tasks will help to manage your time. Keep one section as your ‘non-computer’ work, where you can switch off from the influx on emails and focus on the task at hand.Use disinfectant wipesDisinfectant wipes are incredibly handy to keep at your desk! Quick and easy to grab whenever there’s a spill, they make cleaning easy and encourage a clutter-free desk. Plus, they’re excellent at combatting germs that become especially prevalent during the spring and winter seasons. Stock up on wipes so your team can keep them at their desk for their own use.Calendar cleaning timeThe best way to prevent your office from becoming overwhelmed with clutter again is to schedule regular cleaning time on the calendar. It doesn’t have to occur frequently – in fact, you should discourage this so your team doesn’t become disengaged with the idea! Keeping it as a fun activity that occurs once or twice a year will encourage participation and will keep your office organized, clean and productive.OpenWorks offers commercial cleaning services to business of all shapes and sizes across the country. For more information on how we can keep your facility clean, safe and healthy, check out our website here.

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