In-house Cleaning Crews Aren't Saving You Money. They're Wasting it.

Fitting everything under one roof sounds less like a business strategy than a weird rendition of a clown car. The more you try to do in-house the less time you have to get your products and services out the door.

Providing space alone for an in-house cleaning team takes vital resources. Resources better spent improving your best practices and maximizing worker efficiency. Not too mention the quality difference delivered by dedicated cleaning professionals.

Businesses watch for opportunities to outsource their non-essential components. the practice of outsourcing lowers costs and enhance quality. This eye towards efficiency explains why 62 percent of businesses outsource their 28k average square feet of custodial need.

Read on to learn how paying for in-house staff is costing you precious resources of time, space, and money.

Take out the In-House Cleaning

The host of benefits provided by outsourcing cleaning services start with a holistic approach. A company that does nothing but clean has a strong advantage over a company that does cleaning as a tertiary necessity.

From there, the savings come in, management headaches reduce, and you also increase your security and lower liability. It'as a lot to take in, so let's break it down here.

A Better Approach

When designing a cleaning schedule, it's easy to shortchange the staff by providing just-so equipment and time to the effort. You want your facilities functional but the bottom line between better-looking facilities and more work done always falls one way.

Hiring private cleaning services puts the argument of quality versus work on more even footing while also providing benefits.

It's simply a matter of vested interest that shapes a quality approach. Companies looking to comply with regulations for green workplace certifications and associated tax breaks take heed.


You get more quality by hiring a staff that's been trained to do the job. Taking time out of your own pocket to train in-house staff to do something outside of your scope wastes that time.

Your quality control also lacks in such a situation. It's easy to overlook specific areas of cleaning when cleaning isn't your business. Accumulations of gunk in easy to overlook spots eventually comes at a price.

To ensure a consistency of quality, you need to be as aware of the steps taken to achieve the end result as the people doing the work. That's where the management of a private cleaning company steps in.


The more a staff knows about a job, the faster it can be done. Why pay for a full-time staff to do part-time work? Maximize your cleaning time by bringing in the right number of people to tackle the job in the window you allot for it.

A consistency in turnaround lets you plan for what's important to your business and still get your facilities sparkling for the day's work.


Diversified and specialized teams do a better job than general skill teams. People who work together learn to overlap and watch out for each other.

A professional cleaning team knows what to look for and has an interest in doing so. An in-house team often feels outside the scope of the business, lacking a bond to the other employees, and function as autonomous drones.

Here to go, so to speak.

A professional team works to get the job done because that is the job, not a holding pattern while waiting for better opportunities.

Space Saving

Housing the equipment and supplies for your in-house cleaning services cost you. This space sits idle for a lot of your daily business.

Stocking it also costs in ways that you pay for upfront. Every machine purchased also needs maintenance.

Eliminate all of that hassle by letting professionals bring in equipment that they take care of and supply. Their equipment is often of a higher quality and they can justify specialized equipment for each job. Equipment that you're very likely to generalize to good-enough gear.

Cash Saving

No matter the quality improvement or the savings in space and time, the bottom line remains cold hard cash. Outsourcing cleaning costs aggregate over time since there is no up-front cost and no sudden maintenance or replacement cots.

A landmark study in a hospital setting showed a 6 percent value return per dollar spent. The scope of the study, in a 24/7 environment requiring constant attention, showed how tight the costs benefit can be.

The results strongly indicated that even if the cost were a flatline, the value increased. Even if professional cleaning costs the same you benefit.

Ease of Management

Training, updating, and hiring staff takes a lot of work and time sink. Management of employees outside the scope of the business itself takes more for less.

You wouldn't send your IT manager to instruct your sales staff, so why send the wrong person to manage in-house cleaning?

Fewer managers vying for resources and looking to use personnel means smoother operations. It's also helpful to avoid custodial staff 'helping' other teams while hoping to get hired up through the company.

Liability Offset

For purposes of insurance and contract versus employee designations, outsourcing keeps it simple.

Hiring an outside cleaning team leaves them responsible for injuries and damages. This third-party litigation shield makes a big difference in cash flow when it comes to staffing.

The typical liabilities of your day to day may have nothing in common with those of cleaning. Save yourself the increased scope of coverage by letting the private cleaning company deal with their employees and you can deal with yours.

Risk Offset

You also skip the need to process and hire cleaning employees. You don't have to check their backgrounds or ensure they are licensed or clear to work in your state.

Open Your House

For every cleaning need you have, it's clear that a cleaning service brings more to your business. In-house cleaning costs more for a weaker return by so many metrics.

Don't wait another quarter to 'see how it goes' get started by contacting us and learn about our rates and quality cleaning offers.

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