OpenWorks TotalWorksTM for Commercial Cleaning, Disinfection and Infection Control

According to the National Institute of Health (NIH), coronavirus (COVID-19) can be detected in aerosol form for up to 3 hours. It can be active on copper surfaces for 4 hours, cardboard for a full day, and found on plastic or stainless-steel surfaces for as long as three days. In a commercial facility, this creates a lot of opportunities to spread germs and infections.

OpenWorks is the better choice for commercial cleaning. We offer TotalWorksTM, which provides a range commercial cleaning and comprehensive disinfection services combined with advanced cleaning protocols. TotalWorksTM features cleaning and disinfection best practices with the type of high-touch and high-frequency disinfection service recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and NIH for infection control.

The TotalWorksTM commercial cleaning and coronavirus disinfection service produces an exceptionally clean and sanitary facility. After surfaces are cleaned, they are disinfected with CDC-approved processes, including high-touch surfaces such as door handles and knobs, elevator buttons and pads, stairway handrails, light switches, cabinet, and file drawer handles, and copier, printer, and other electronic buttons, using EPA-registered disinfectants.

The TotalWorksTM Disinfecting System

To help customers prevent the spread of Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 and SARS-CoV-2, OpenWorks provides three different levels of service that customers can choose depending on the types of services they want and how frequently they need their workplace cleaned and disinfected.

  • SaniCareTM includes daily cleaning and disinfecting of workspace and common areas and weekly disinfecting of high-touch surfaces.
  • SaniWorksTM - Includes all SaniCareTM services, with an increased frequency of high-touch surfaces that are disinfected daily instead of weekly.
  • SaniTechTM - Includes all SaniWorksTM services as well as professional day cleaning and disinfection technicians who clean and disinfect workspaces, common areas, high-touch surfaces, and restrooms multiple times daily.

InfectaGuardTM For Deep Cleaning & Added Disinfection Services

InfectaGuardTM is our in-depth deep cleaning and disinfection service that gives you the peace of mind that your facility is disinfected with EPA-approved anti-microbial disinfectants to prevent the spread of germs that cause infections, such as influenza and COVID-19. InfectaGuardTM is a great service to have prior to re-opening or re-entering your facility.

InfectaGuard+TM includes everything offered in the InfectaGuardTM service along with additional protection for COVID-19, biohazard cleaning and disinfecting, and application of a six-step process for decontamination and infection control that is recognized by the Global BioRisk Advisory Council (GBAC). InfectaGuard+TM is a great service for a facility that has experienced a known case of COVID-19, a virus outbreak or a biohazard.

  • Incident Site-Risk Assessment for Quality Control
  • Forensic Cleaning, including the removal of biological contaminants
  • Pre-Disinfect
  • Load Reduction
  • Professional Disinfecting
  • Post-Site Assessment for Quality Control

Why Choose OpenWorks for Coronavirus Disinfection and Infection Control

OpenWorks has more than three decades of commercial cleaning and disinfecting experience. We currently service more than 4,000 facilities nationwide with more than 30 million square feet of office and industrial space. Customers trust OpenWorks nationwide network of elite service providers. In an industry that has a 55% average customer retention rate, OpenWorks retention rate is 98%.

Our service providers use cleaning products and disinfectants that are approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2. We use personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow CDC cleaning and disinfecting protocols that eliminate 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on exposed surfaces, including salmonella and E. coli, common viruses such as cold and flu, and disinfectant-resistant pathogens such as MRSA.

As a member of the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA), we qualify as technical experts on disinfection techniques. Our staff and service providers have been certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), a division of the ISSA, and have completed the Microbial WarriorTM Workshop in infection control and contamination control. This training specifically focuses on COVID-19. Our team is also trained and certified in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens protocols.

OpenWorks applies its total facilities management approach to provide top-to-bottom cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitation solutions.

Request an estimate from OpenWorks today and let us help you create a cleaner, healthier, and safer work environment for your employees and customers.

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