Is the Labor Shortage Putting Your Company in a Bind? Consider Outsourcing Your Facility Cleaning Services

fter what seemed like an eternity of pandemic restrictions including quarantines, mask-wearing, and employees being encouraged to work from home; it appears that our world is finally returning to some sense of normalcy. But in this new, post-COVID 19 climate, we are encountering unique issues including that of a significant labor shortage.

The solutions available to overcome this labor shortage are many and varied, depending on the industry in question. However, one solution that can help to address this problem is outsourcing facility cleaning services to a company such as OpenWorks.

How Will Outsourcing Facility Cleaning Services Address the Labor Shortage?

By delegating your facility cleaning needs to a professional service outside of your company, you’ll improve your business’s operations by:

  • Allowing your employees to focus solely on their important job functions. Your employees were hired to fill a specific role. The last thing they want is to be required to sanitize the facility as well as complete the tasks for which they are already responsible.
  • Enabling managers to focus on strategy and productivity in other areas of your business. Requiring managers to train, hire and supervise new workers who are cleaning and sanitizing the facility will take their attention away from more important tasks.
  • Creating opportunities for your company to become more efficient. Your company overall will benefit from a third-party cleaning service. You, your workers, and your managers will not be burdened with tasks involving facility cleaning; you can leave those concerns to the professionals. Additionally, you will not have to spend time posting applications, interviewing and hiring new employees.

Essentially, you’ll save time and energy by enlisting the services of a cleaning company such as OpenWorks to handle your facility cleaning needs.

Combined Facility Services

OpenWorks not only offers superlative cleaning and sanitation services through our TotalWorks program, we also offer nearly any other service your business may need including:

  • HVAC
  • Plumbing
  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Electrical and Lighting
  • And Much More

By using a service that combines all of these services under one umbrella, you can effectively sidestep the issues associated with the labor shortage. OpenWorks takes over the administrative hassle of hiring personnel to fill each of the above roles and leaves you free to focus on other tasks necessary for successfully running your business.

A New Post-COVID Cleaning Standard

The new world in which we find ourselves will be filled with unprecedented challenges. One such challenge will be meeting the new sanitation demands of clients and employees. The old methods of cleaning will no longer be sufficient; businesses will be expected to maintain a sanitary environment that is in line with the recommendations of governing bodies such as the CDC as in-person operations resume. Those that aren’t implementing best practices will appear as if they aren’t concerned about the health of their customers and employees, leading to more employee turnover and client dissatisfaction.

Don’t let this happen to you. Partner with OpenWorks for the best available cleaning and facility management services you need.

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