Keep Patients and Staff Healthy with Commercial Cleaning

So there’s clean, and then there’s clean. That deep, detailed clean that’s required for a medical facility. Patients not only need it, they expect it! And it’s something that you demand. So, it’s easy to understand why healthcare and medical office cleaning requires much more than just the basics.A thorough cleaning for a medical facility serves two main purposes. The first is aesthetics. A deep clean helps create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere to help patients feel safe, comfortable, and at ease.The second, and most important point is to ensure proper sanitization and disinfection. This is essential in protecting staff and patients from healthcare-associated illnesses that can lead to acute medical problems. The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 out of every 20 medical facility visitors will contract a healthcare-associated illness. These illnesses have the potential to cost patients thousands of dollars in subsequent treatment.So what’s a healthcare-associated illness? Healthcare-associated illnesses are infections that patients may contract while receiving treatment for medical or surgical conditions. They are among the leading causes of preventable deaths in the United States and are associated with a substantial increase in health care costs each year. That’s why the cleanliness of your medical facility is critical to maintaining and building a healthy medical practice. Medical facilities require specific, detailed attention to be paid to specialized equipment rooms, like labs and diagnostic testing areas.Sound overwhelming? It doesn’t need to be. Finding the right cleaning crew to handle the job is the most important part…and we know just the crew! An experienced crew knows the appropriate cleaners and disinfectants to use that help prevent exposure to illness spreading pathogens that could cause harm to patients. When it comes to staff and patients safety, can you really afford to take short cuts?Furthermore, while you want to make sure your entire facility is clean and inviting there are some areas that may require some extra attention:

  • Sanitize all touchable surfaces - these may include doorknobs, counter tops, light switches, toilet handles, etc.
  • Use the appropriate disinfecting cleaning products in rooms where medical procedures are performed
  • Comply with regulations like OSHA and HIPPA
  • Don’t overlook floor care and window cleanliness either, because germs can easily reside on these surfaces too
  • Restrooms - the restroom always seems to attract a great deal of traffic and require detailed cleaning and sanitation

Like we said earlier, there’s clean and then there is clean. Make sure that your facility is safe for all patrons and employees. With OpenWorks you can rest easy knowing that your medical facility is in the cleanest hands for your and your patients.

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