New Survey Reveals: Parents Worry About Unsanitary Schools

It’s that time of year again — back to school time, that is! It’s time for your child to encounter new books, new friends and new GERMS. If you’re worried about your child catching something this school year, you’re not alone. A new national survey of more than 300 American parents has revealed that more than three in five parents worry their children are exposed to germs at school. Here are some of the astonishing statistics:Parents send their kids to school sick! The survey revealed that while so many parents worry about their children being exposed to germs at school, nearly half of them also send their sick children to school. Forty-nine percent said they feel pressured to send their sick child to school because they are unable to take off work and care for the child. This means your healthy child is almost definitely interacting with a few sick classmates during school.Is the school bus a danger zone? One third of survey respondents said they won’t let their children ride the bus to school because they believe it to be unclean. Just think, the standard school bus can hold more than 60 children at one time. That’s a lot of kids crammed into a small space, all potentially exchanging germs. And don’t forget that quite a few of them may have been sent to school already sick!Is the cafeteria clean enough? Half of respondents said they pack their child’s lunch because they think the school cafeteria is “unclean” or “unsanitary.” And with all those children in the same room together, parents may want to consider packing them some hand sanitizer as well!While germs and children are a virtually unavoidable combination, it is important to be doing as much as possible to prevent the spread of disease each school year. And clean schools are an excellent step in the right direction! Not only can a clean learning environment keep children from exposure to those contagious germs, but it can also boost their academic success! Make sure your child’s school has a quality cleaning service like OpenWorks, and you’ll never have to worry about unsanitary conditions again!Do you need to hire a commercial cleaning company? Contact OpenWorks today for a complimentary consultation![gravityform id="10" title="true" description="false"]

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