Why NOW is the Time to Buy a Franchise in Nashville

When you think of the city of Nashville, you probably think of “Music City”, or the bright, vibrant colors and Southern charm – and you wouldn’t be wrong! Nashville has a reputation for being a thriving, bustling city, filled with music and great food. It’s also becoming one of the top cities for young business owners and offers a great quality of life. If you’ve ever thought about owning a franchise, here’s why OpenWorks’ expansion into the Nashville market could be great news for you:One of the Fastest Growing Economies in the CountryEarlier this year, Tennessee’s Secretary of State’s office posted an 8.7% gain in the number of business filings compared to the first three months of the previous year. If that wasn’t enough, the state’s employment growth is outpacing the nation, increasing by 2.2% in March. This rapid growth is primarily being led by booms in the construction and tourism industries, proving that both businesses and people are flocking to the state in droves. For a new business owner, it makes for perfect ground on which to establish a strong marketplace hold.Great Quality of LifeHailed by Forbes as the ‘The Next Biggest Boom Town in the U.S.’, Nashville is nevertheless maintaining house prices that fall below the nation average, ensuring a great quality of life for its residents. With a median home price of $167,500, there’s ample opportunity for a young entrepreneur to enjoy Nashville’s wide variety of restaurants, bars and live music hangouts. If that doesn’t float your boat, Nashville also offers much by way of arts and culture, including free exhibits and receptions – it even boasts its own full-scale replica of the Parthenon! If you feel like getting out of the city, there are stunning countryside views, wineries and historic small towns just outside of Nashville.Thriving Industries Across the BoardThere’s plenty of opportunity in Nashville to break ground across a variety of sectors. While the science and technology industries are particularly gaining traction, Tennessee is well known to be the hub of the nation’s health care system, with hundreds of global healthcare companies calling the state home. As the job market continues to really come into its own, the Nashville area offers a new franchise owner the chance to bring their business to the next level.If you’d like to learn more about OpenWorks’ franchise opportunities, visit our website to find out more.

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