Offering Cleaning Products & Supplies

OpenWorks to Offer Customers Cleaning Products and Supplies

Customers Can Consolidate Vendorship through Facility Cleaning, Supply Orders

Phoenix, AZ (June 1, 2015) - OpenWorks customers will now be able to be able to purchase some of the environmentally safe cleaning products OpenWorks uses to service their facilities, such as soaps and cleaners, along with air quality supplies like time-measured air fresheners and deodorant screens. They can also restock with paper supplies such as toilet paper, roll towels and liners, as well as order towel dispensers.OpenWorks has partnerships with vendors in each of their regions throughout the country to acquire the cleaning supplies. OpenWorks’ customers can now consolidate their cleaning needs by having their facilities cleaned and order additional supplies through one company. Customers may also be eligible to receive discounts on their supply orders through their monthly cleaning services.For more than 30 years, OpenWorks has provided customized cleaning solutions for a wide range of facilities and offices. As a leading integrated facility service franchise with 330 franchises in five states, the company has used an environmentally “clean green” program to provide businesses with a clean, safe work environment. They have recently added additional services such as landscaping, electrical and plumbing to help meet the extensive needs of each facility they serve.OpenWorks Founder and CEO Eric Roudi said the ability to make the cleaning supplies available is yet another way in which the company is dedicated to serving the needs of their customers.

“We are pleased to be able to offer our customers a wide range of supplies and cleaning products that we use in servicing their facilities. Now our customers will be able to have these products at their disposal to use between our monthly facility cleaning appointments.”

Contact OpenWorks about supply orders here.View full release here.

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Media Contact: Kylee Hoffman, Marketing Specialist, OpenWorks

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