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Combining Two Good Ideas Creates a 30 Million Dollar Company

Source: Immpreneur (April 2015) - OpenWorks' CEO and Founder, Persian refugee Eric Roudi discovered wealth in America's urban landscape and then multiplied it by sharing his good fortune with other entrepreneurs.When Eric Roudi came to America, it wasn't to start over, but to study engineering. Then a revolution in his home country forced him to rebuild his life almost before it had even begun. Teaming up with a college friend, Roudi headed west to Phoenix to make his fortune and built Openworks, an innovative facilities services and franchise company that became the envy of the industry.Read Roudi's story and the full article published by Immpreneur here. Eric Roudi's Advice for Immigrant Entrepreneurs1. Work hard and persevere.2. Don't take no for an answer.3. Truly believe in your abilities.4. Have goals and set milestones.5. If you reach your goals, celebrate, but if not, figure out why you failed, and come up with a different approach.6. Never underestimate the other person's dream. If you don't move fast, your competitors will eat you.

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