How OpenWorks Changed this Franchisee's Life

Silvia Stoyanova franchisee - President's Club 2010

It’s the ‘American Dream’. Move to the U.S., own your own business, and make a good living for you and your family. That’s exactly what Silvia Stoyanova did with OpenWorks. A Bulgarian immigrant, she purchased her first OpenWorks franchise location in Seattle in 2004. That was just three short years after she moved to the states.As an immigrant she was no stranger to hard work. She put in the time, effort, and sacrifice to grow her franchise from the ground up. Now, more than 10 years later, she is an executive level franchisee with $50K/month worth of revenue. In fact, she knows her sacrifice has been worth so much more. Her kids have learned the value of hard work and dedication by watching their parents succeed. Now that success has paid off, literally and figuratively, because they can provide for their family and encourage them to chase their dreams. Now that is the American Dream!So, what advice does Sylvia have for other aspiring business owners?● Plan ahead financially - she would recommend that others avoid her situation. Come in to the business opportunity over financed so you don’t have to deal with the stress and unhealthy lifestyle accompanied by working multiple jobs and taking care of a family.● Trust your family to help - the business owners who thrive have a fantastic family support group. Be on the same page with your spouse, rely on extended family to help with the kids, be planned and organized with your family and allow them to contribute - you can’t control everything.● You have flexibility when making a business ownership decision - do it when the time is right for you and make sure to explore multiple options to ensure you make the right decision. For me - OpenWorks has been perfect because it’s allowed me to grow my business into something sustainable. It’s also allowed me to transition from doing the work to managing people and client relationships - my strong suit!Are you ready to live your own American Dream? See what OpenWorks can offer you, visit to view our franchise opportunities.

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