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Seven Dirty Truths about Standard Cleaning Products and Practices

Be the expert for your customers about what’s healthy and what’s not for cleaning their facilities.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014  Author: Eric Roudi

Recently, the American economy has been improving and many people have been heading back to work. With this return to the office, American workers have received more spending money, more stress...and more exposure to poisonous chemicals and toxins.

Yep, that’s right – countless offices around the country are poorly maintained and/or are cleaned by common cleaning products that government reports and nonprofit studies are linking to reproductive problems, lung issues and multiple forms of cancer. And worst of all, many commercial cleaning companies, office managers, and business owners are choosing to ignore these trends – sweeping them under the rug, so to speak, and putting employees at risk.

So, I have worked with my team at OpenWorks Facility Services to compile a number of scary, yet significant, statistics and reveal seven key “dirty secrets” that all commercial cleaning companies should disclose with clients to make sure they’re working together to cultivate greener, cleaner, safer and healthier places to work.Read full article here.

Source: Cleaning Business Today

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