OpenWorks Coverage in FacilitiesNet Publication

OpenWorks coverage in FacilitiesNet article "Enhanced Infection Control with Antimicrobials and Nanotechnology":

"There are technologies that offer longer lasting protection while boosting employee morale. Antimicrobial sprays and nanotechnology-infused wraps are two tools that stop surface transfer by continuously killing the bacteria and microorganisms that land on them.

Service providers using these tested and proven tools admit they save a bit on cleaning time and effort. But that is not their main selling point. Instead, they point to two of the technologies' other benefits. The first is the ability to cut down on absenteeism due to colds and flu.

"There's an economic benefit to keeping employees employed and your business open," says Holly Borrego, senior vice president, KBS Facility Services.

The second is the boost to "employee morale, particularly in the context of a global health pandemic," says Mary Torrado, regional manager, OpenWorks.

"Measures like social distancing, mask wearing and getting vaccines are all helping to prevent community spread of COVID-19, but they don't eliminate the risk of surface transfer," she says.

Torrado says advanced treatments "offer an extra layer of protection that tells employees their well-being is a priority and eases concerns about their safety at work."

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