OpenWorks Covered in CleanLink Publication on Four Tips for Facility Reopening

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July 12, 2021
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OpenWorks covered in CleanLink publication: "BSC Offers 4 Tips To Reopening Facilities"

The commercial cleaning company OpenWorks has been gathering information from various experts so that it can help its customers formulate a plan as businesses begin to reopen after closing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

These plans will of course vary a bit as regulations differ from place to place. However, OpenWorks says all business reopening plans should include the following four elements:

1. Create a cross-functional team that will oversee ongoing reopening efforts.
It is essential to appoint leaders across all departments to oversee ongoing reopening efforts. Including at least one person from each team helps avoid conflicts and ensures everyone knows what is expected. The roles of this group should include monitoring local and state updates, developing a communication plan for employees and customers, and designating reopening tasks. The team should have regular check-ins to discuss progress and next steps...

Read the full article here: BSC Offers 4 Tips To Reopening Facilities

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