OpenWorks Discusses "Office Wars" on KCBS Radio in San Francisco

Company helps solve conflicts of office cleanliness

[audio mp3=""][/audio](Play to listen to interview)Phoenix, AZ (August 31, 2015) – OpenWorks Director of Facility Solutions Dave Hicks was recently interviewed on KCBS Radio in San Francisco regarding people’s thoughts on office working conditions.  In the interview, Hicks discussed the internal office conflicts involving cleanliness and temperature settings, and the differing opinions along age and gender lines.

OpenWorks recently commissioned an independent national survey of more than 300 office workers aged 25-55.  In his segment with KCBS morning show hosts Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor, Hicks addressed several of the findings from the survey which showed the most common disagreements among office workers.

Survey respondents indicated twice as many millennials than baby boomers said they’d quit a job because the office was messy and unclean.  Nearly three times as many millennials said they’d quit if the office temperature wasn’t set the way they like.

“Baby boomers are used to cleaning up for themselves and for others,” said Hicks.  “Millennials, living in the time we do with technology and immediate results, I just think they won’t compromise when it comes to office cleanliness and comfort.  

And this survey puts that on display as millennial respondents made it clear they won’t compromise their health at work or at home.”Hicks also said one of the top areas of conflict among co-workers is the thermostat setting in the office.  While more than three in five men (61%) prefer an office set at 70 degrees or below, nearly 40% of women prefer 72 or higher.  

The survey also revealed more than three in five (61%) respondents change the temperature without permission, and more than two in three (68%) persuade the person in charge to do it for them.In addressing the “temperature wars” that frequently take place, Hicks said, “It’s quite entertaining sometimes when you see the differences in the temperatures people prefer.  We’ve even had people bring snuggies in for their co-workers.”Hicks’ appearance on the top-rated morning show in the San Francisco market was particularly important with OpenWorks’ expansion into the Bay Area earlier this year.  

The company opened their first office in Emeryville in July, servicing the surrounding areas including Berkley, San Francisco and San Jose as the demand for office cleaning services in the area continues to grow.

For more than 30 years, OpenWorks has provided customized cleaning solutions for a wide range of facilities and offices.  As a leading integrated facility service franchise with 330 franchises in five states, the company has used an environmentally “clean green” program to provide businesses with a clean, productive work environment for their employees.

“Today’s workers are expecting the office to be cleaned up by someone else, and that’s where OpenWorks comes in,” said Hicks.  “We will come in, clean and sanitize it, and make the office a better place to work.”View full release here.

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