OpenWorks Expands Cleaning Solutions to Large Venues

Integrated Facility Services Franchise Cleans 900,000 Square Foot Phoenix Convention Center

Phoenix, AZ (November 24, 2015) OpenWorks, one of America’s leading integrated facility services franchises, has recently expanded their facility cleaning operations to include large-scale venues such as convention centers and arenas across the country. OpenWorks has managed the cleaning projects for the Phoenix Convention Center for the past three years.

The Convention Center is more than 900,000 square feet, and hosts parties, conventions, concerts and exhibits throughout the year.  The facility includes multiple buildings with exhibit halls, boardrooms and meetings rooms, as well as a symphony hall and theatre.  Earlier this year the venue hosted the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and various events surrounding Super Bowl XLIV, and will be the site of the Phoenix Comic Con in June, 2016.

OpenWorks franchisee Manny Ramirez oversees the cleaning of the Phoenix Convention Center, and has a team of 15-20 highly-trained professionals tasked with comprehensive cleaning care of the facility.  The staff cleans the venue’s carpets, walls, furniture, elevators, escalators and balconies.  They scrub and wax the floors, remove trash, and disinfect and stock more than 100 bathrooms throughout the facility.  The crew often begins work before midnight with a deadline to finish by the early morning hours.

“It is certainly a challenge to clean a venue as large as the Phoenix Convention Center, but one that we have been able to successfully handle,” said Ramirez.  “Operators of big venues like convention centers are constantly hosting events and seeking to bring in business to those facilities, and have high expectations for cleanliness in their buildings.  We have been able to meet and even exceed those expectations by providing full-service cleaning solutions for the many different rooms and areas within these facilities.”

OpenWorks has provided customized cleaning solutions for a wide range of facilities and offices for more than 30 years.  OpenWorks has used an environmentally “clean green” program to provide businesses with a clean, safe work environment.  Earlier this year they added additional services such as landscaping, electrical and plumbing to help meet the extensive needs of each facility they serve.

In addition to large venues such as convention centers, OpenWorks services a wide range of businesses and facilities.  These include buildings in healthcare, education, industrial and general office space.  

OpenWorks expanded into two new markets this year, with plans to open six additional regional offices in 2016.  The franchise will be able to effectively provide integrated facility cleaning solutions to a large number of businesses in new and existing markets throughout the country.OpenWorks Founder and CEO Eric Roudi said the company’s success in cleaning the Phoenix Convention Center is another example of OpenWorks’ wide-ranging ability to provide comprehensive cleaning services to many kinds of facilities.

“OpenWorks has always prided ourselves in our ability to handle diverse cleaning solutions for a wide range of facilities, regardless of size” said Roudi.  “We have been very successful in cleaning the Phoenix Convention Center and look forward to providing the same service at similar venues across the country.”

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