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A Powerful Romance Blooms Through Franchise Ownership

International Franchise Association's Franchise Opportunities Blog, featured OpenWorks Franchise owner, Frank Gill, and his story behind his franchise ownership.Have you ever taken a look at your job and wondered if you are getting the most out of it? Sure, it may be paying the bills and maybe you don’t even mind the line of work. But can you say that is a truly fulfilling career that empowers you to make your own decisions while giving you the flexibility to create your own schedule?That career is out there for you as long as you are willing to determine what you want in life and look for it. Sometimes you just need to meet the right person. Meet Frank Gill, an OpenWorks franchisee in Mesa, Arizona. Frank has a unique story about how franchising helped him not only start a successful business, but also introduced him to the love of his life.Early in his career, Frank Gill joined the Hensley Beverage Company, which was the local distributor for Anheuser-Busch in Arizona. He spent 13 years there, eventually working his way up to warehouse manager. While he worked for Hensley, Frank met his future wife, Clara. At the time, she was with OpenWorks, an integrated facility service franchise that cleaned and maintained the Hensley warehouse.Clara and Frank worked closely together and struck up a relationship. They started dating and eventually became engaged. As the hours at the warehouse gradually increased, Frank started thinking seriously about jobs in which he could be his own boss. Clara would often tell him about her fantastic experience at OpenWorks and the many great opportunities it gave business owners.Although Frank did not have any first-hand experience in owning a business, his father operated a successful landscaping company working in the affluent neighborhoods of Coronado, California. He saw the many benefits of owning a business and how his father was able to support their family by doing so. Frank liked the flexibility and control it gave him personally and professionally, and kept that in mind when looking into purchasing an OpenWorks franchise.In Frank’s words, “I will be honest when I say that the decision to go into business on my own was a difficult one at the time. It was not easy to leave a job after 13 years and start a new venture, but I’m glad I did it. I feel like I can take greater control over my life and career by making my own decisions as a business owner, whether it be taking on additional customers or having a say in payroll or personnel matters. Those are things you don’t always have with other positions.”OpenWorks was also a great place for Frank to start as a first-time business owner. OpenWorks has a relatively low franchise fee and provides franchisees with a guaranteed customer base by handling all sales for their units. They are always there to give support and assistance, whether it’s human resources, cleaning or business operations; OpenWorks is fully committed to helping you grow your business.Frank ended his fairy-tale with, “I also have the best business partner I can imagine. Clara and I got married in 2015 and we operate the business together. I handle the operations side by managing payroll and employees, while she oversees the cleaning end. Together, we now own a franchise location that serves multiple accounts in the Mesa, Arizona area. OpenWorks brought us together several years ago and now we own a successful, thriving business that gives us the ability to support ourselves and our two sons. As Clara and I reflect on our whole experience, we often call it our Cinderella story.”

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