Painted Desert Montessori, LLC

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January 12, 2018
Customer Success Stories
“Incredible customer service and high-quality service”.- Frank,President/CEO

Painted Desert Montessori Academy is located in the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. The only public Montessori school in its area, PDMA works to bringing quality education choices to its community.


A Quality Service ProviderAs a school, it was imperative that Painted Desert Montessori had a facility that was clean and safe for its students and staff. They wanted a quality service provider that not only had strong customer service skills, but was a team that they could form a partnership with.


Hiring OpenWorksPDMA noticed OpenWorks’ excellent customer services skills immediately. As an example, they cited a time when their electricity was turned off due to a construction project. Despite telling their OpenWorks janitorial crew to not worry about cleaning the facility that night, their team stayed and cleaned the campus by using the lights on their phones.


A Clean Campus and Happy CustomerPainted Desert Montessori Academy said that they had never worked with a service provider that displayed such a personal commitment to the end result as OpenWorks. They mentioned that not only do they enjoy a very clean campus, but our customer service and quality of service is amazing. They would absolutely recommend us to a business associate or friend.

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