How to Prepare Your Business for Winter

The days keep getting shorter and the temperatures keep dropping lower. That can only mean one thing. Winter is coming. We all know winter can bring bad weather in the form of snow and ice. But it also brings holiday decorations, corporate holiday outings, and a lot of time indoors away from the frosty temperatures.So how can you prepare your business for the winter season? We compiled our best tips to get your business clean and ready for productive employees this year.

  1. Get a few mats. Number 1 on your winter to-do list? Get two mats for each of your external doors. One mat should be made of wood or rubber and go outside the door to wipe off mud and snow. The other mat should be absorbent and go inside the door to soak up excess moisture.
  2. Clean the gutters. We all know that winter brings a lot of debris in the form of leaves and snow. Plus we just experienced all the fallen leaves from fall. So take the time to clean out your gutters so you don’t end up with overflowing water that can seep into your business.
  3. Clean the furnace. Cold temperatures require a lot of heat indoors to keep your employees productive. Make sure your furnace stays in tip top shape with a thorough cleaning and a check to make sure it’s functioning properly.
  4. Deep clean all floors. From carpets to hard floors, you should treat your business floors to a deep clean. After all, you’ll soon have sludge from inclement weather and this will help prepare your floors to take the ‘heat’.
  5. Clean out the fridge. With everyone spending more time indoors this is the perfect time to clean out the fridge and throw away expired items. Plus, you’ll have more room for the leftovers employees are bound to bring in after their festivities.
  6. Complete a thorough dusting. Winter time brings warm, stale, and dry air inside your business. That creates the perfect environment for increased dust accumulation. So start the season with a top-to-bottom dusting then regularly dust after that to keep it at bay.
  7. Clean the windows. Candles are popular in the winter for light and delicious seasonal smells but they can lead to a coating of soot on your windows. Give them a good shine before the season starts. Be sure to clean inside and out as well. This will ensure maximum sunlight comes into your business which can be great for your employee’s moods.
  8. Develop a cleaning schedule. Stay on top of your winter cleaning through the season to keep employees productive and happy while you escape the cold. Plus, then you won’t have so much to do spring-cleaning comes around again.

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