Am I really satisfied with my current janitorial provider? Or just content?

If you feel satisfied with your current commercial cleaning and facility services company, we can appreciate that. It makes life easier for you! What you may not think much about are the other options you have or other companies you could switch to. You may be thinking, "Why bother to spend time looking around when I'm already content with my service provider?"Some of our best clients felt the same way, until we were given the chance to come in and share with them what we do that might possibly serve them better. Can you think of anything you'd like to improve upon? If you could snap your fingers and do anything a little better, what would that be? What we have found are these clients were not overly satisfied, but rather just content because they didn't want to take the time to vet other cleaning and facility service providers.At OpenWorks, we work hard to make sure our customers are more than just satisfied with our services. We go above and beyond to meet our client's needs, and our 99 percent client retention rate proves that our model works. The fact is, if your commercial cleaning and facility services company isn't already OpenWorks, you are settling for less. Here's why:We're the whole package. OpenWorks offers integrated facility services, meaning you won't have to go to multiple companies to cover all of your facility maintenance needs. Our wide range of services covers much more than just cleaning. From janitorial services, to landscaping, to HVAC maintenance and more, OpenWorks is equipped to get the job done. With OpenWorks you get one company to handle all your facility needs, just one invoice for all of your facility services and much more time for you to focus on what really matters: managing your facility.You're not saving as much money as you could be. Some of those other companies may come with a cheap price tag, but when it comes to running a facility, it's time to seek true value instead of just a lower bill. Value, after all, is how you can save your facility money in the long run. At OpenWorks, we continually work with our clients to provide them with the best value for their facility. We create customized plans for every client, so you can have all the services you want, and none of the ones you don't. We even work to improve your facility, creating maintenance plans that have your systems working better and more efficiently for your business, as well as the environment. All of this can translate into real, long-term savings for your company.You're not getting the quality service you deserve. Trust is a big deal when it comes to cleaning and maintaining your facility, and it can feel like an unnecessary chore when you have to constantly monitor your cleaning and maintenance service provider to make sure they're doing their job. Our customers trust us to get the job done right. Whatever the mess, whatever the problem, they know they can count on us to get them through it every single time. We value their trust, and we work hard to keep it. We listen to our customer's needs, making sure they continue to receive the superior service they deserve.Don't settle. Contact OpenWorks to learn more about our services and why you should consider switching to OpenWorks for all your commercial cleaning and facility maintenance needs.

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