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Franchisee Spotlight: Juan MercadoJuan Mercado of Bell Gardens, California, had been working the grind for years, never getting to be his own boss. But in the early ‘90s, he made a decision that changed his career — and his life — for good. He was hired on as a janitor for a franchise cleaning company and spent the next three years learning the ropes. Under this franchise owner, he learned how to do floor work and other janitorial duties until he was very skilled at his job and knowledgeable about the cleaning industry.One day, Mercado realized he had had enough of working for someone else. A friend helped him realize he had enough passion and knowledge about the cleaning industry to be the boss of his own cleaning franchise. And that’s when Mercado found OpenWorks. He knew right away that this was the company for him.“I knew that this was the company that would help me grow and succeed in running my own business,” Mercado said.In 1994 Mercado started an OpenWorks franchise of his own, and he finally became his own boss. Mercado said that OpenWorks was there to help him every step of the way. They taught him how to grow his business and how to communicate effectively with his clients. They helped teach him how to keep his clients happy and provided educational classes for him and his employees. Within just a few months of working with them, OpenWorks provided Mercado with many stable accounts that he still has to this day.Twenty years later, Mercado is a successful business owner with OpenWorks, and he couldn’t be happier with his decision to go the franchise route.“I knew from the beginning that choosing OpenWorks was the best decision for my family and me,” he said. “The business we have built is more successful than we could have ever imagined.”Interested in an OpenWorks Franchise in California? Click here.To view all OpenWorks Franchise opportunities, visit our website.

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