SignatureCare ER

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January 19, 2018
Customer Success Stories
“They are like family to us.”- Adam,Nursing/Facility Manager

SignatureCare Emergency Center ER has locations in local communities across Texas. A freestanding emergency room with board-certified physicians, it provides 24/7 care for its community.


A Dedicated Service ProviderSignatureCare ER was looking for a dedicated service provider that could not only resolve existing janitorial issues they were having with their facility, but that could also help as they transitioned into an increased use of their facility. They wanted to find a trusted, dedicated service provider who was up to the task.


Bringing OpenWorks On BoardAfter SignatureCare ER brought OpenWorks on board, they said that we were instrumental in helping maintain their facility. They mentioned that the attention to detail regarding dust collection in the building was particularly strong. As SignatureCare ER increased their patient volume, the use of their facility increased as well. As a result, they extended their service contract with OpenWorks because of the need for additional cleaning days, and couldn’t be happier with their service.


Exceptional Service to the CustomerSignatureCare ER relayed that they wouldn’t want anyone else to clean their facility. They consider OpenWorks’ biggest strength to be the consistent level of service, and our dedication at providing exceptional customer service. They value the direct, personal connection they receive, and said that their OpenWorks team is like a family to them. SignatureCare ER would without a doubt recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or a friend, as our prices are right, and the quality of work is excellent.

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