Spring Forward to Clean: Prepping Your Office for Warmer Weather

Winter is finally on the way out, making room for the warmth and sunshine of spring! This means it’s time to do a bit of spring cleaning for your workspace. And this isn’t just for your own sanity. According to a survey by Adecco, 57 percent of workers admit they judge others based on the cleanliness of their office space. To help you get your desk in shape, we’ve compiled a list of spring cleaning tips. Here are some ways to guarantee your office is ready for the season!1. Clean your air filters. The warm spring weather will soon have us all cranking the AC. Before you do, make sure vents and air filters are cleaned or replaced. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, poor upkeep of office ventilation and poor maintenance of filters on office equipment like copiers can cause problems with indoor air quality. Indoor air pollutants can aggravate allergies, asthma and headaches, so it’s important to have these maintenance issues taken care of before the season really gets into gear.2. Clean off desks, and have a plan going forward so everything has a designated place. Don’t keep anything within arm’s reach that you don’t need immediately, and make zones for everything based on what you use it for. One drawer could be just for your supplies, and a set of file folders could be for paperwork that has to be dealt with that day. This will help you maintain control over your space and prevent a mess from building up.3. Pollen can become a big problem if it’s not handled, especially in an office setting. More than half of all American workers have said that they called in sick at work due to allergies, which results in a huge loss of productivity. Try to keep windows closed and surfaces clean of pollen and dust. This might mean dusting as much as once or twice a day, but it will be worthwhile when people in the office aren’t dropping like flies because of their allergies.4. Consider bringing in some greenery. Studies have shown that adding a houseplant to a workspace can make employees as much as 15 percent more productive. There are even plants that can purify the air. A study in Italy found that air plants, also known as Tillandsias, remove more airborne particles than any other known plant. A healthy worker is a happy worker, so some plants might be a good investment for your office.5. Disinfect everything. Winter might be over, but flu season definitely isn’t. It’s important to continue disinfecting your workspace frequently. We recommend using disinfecting wipes on your desk surfaces every day to help prevent the spread of illnesses. Keep hand sanitizer in your desk, and wash your hands before you eat and after any trip to the restroom.Spring is the time of year to shake off the dust and gloom and start fresh. Taking a couple hours to clean your space can help you feel renewed and more motivated and can give you a system to keep your space looking beautiful year-round. So get started on cleaning up, and if your office needs help, give the OpenWorks website a visit!

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