“OpenWorks’ strength is definitely their commitment to the client”.- LauraFurniture Sales Director

Staples provides a broad assortment of products and expanded business services with the aim of offering best-in-class customer service and competitive pricing. Headquartered outside of Boston, Staples operates throughout North America, South America, and Asia.


Finding a Consistent Service ProviderStaples wanted to find a service provider who were consistent in their schedule and their quality of service. For them, ensuring that their facility was clean and presentable for their employees and customers.


A Partnership with OpenWorksAfter establishing a partnership with OpenWorks, Staples were impressed by our commitment to them. They were even more confident in their new service provider after seeing how our team worked to ensure their facility goals of a clean and presentable building for their team.


A Responsive Service Provider and a Clean, Presentable BuildingStaples considers OpenWorks’ commitment to our clients to be our biggest strength. They relayed that from the very beginning they felt that OpenWorks made sure to understand their needs. Staples also said that if they have even the slightest issue with any of their services, their OpenWorks team is very responsive and works to correct the situation. They said that every person they’ve met from OpenWorks is genuinely concerned about them and wants to make sure they are satisfied. Staples wouldn’t hesitate to recommend our services to a business associate or friend because of the great job we do for them.

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