Stefan Krumov


Name: Stefan KrumovHow long have you been a franchisee? It will be 7 yrs this year.Why did you decide to purchase a commercial cleaning franchise? A fellow Bulgarian Mr. Atanas Hristov wanted to sell his franchise and being a new arrival to the U.S. with very limited English communication skills I looked for the guidance of the franchise partnership with OpenWorks. What has been your biggest success? Being awarded the Genie Redmond account which has allowed me to hire day porters, night crews and a supervisor as well as managing a full time mail room.What was your biggest challenge and how have you overcome it? At first was learning how to communicate the English language. I took classes and completed level # 4 at the ESL. I have also attended additional education training for Floor work, Carpet Cleaning, and Window cleaning to help expand my expertise.What are you most looking forward to in your franchise business? To grow my business and still keep the same quality level of service.What advice do you have for new franchise owners? Be patient and take your time, try to select the right accounts for you. It is very important to build a good relationship with your customers and the OpenWorks team. Also keep the same level of quality service as you grow your business. Regional Operations Director’s Observations: “Stefan Krumov is a very dedicated partner, Stefan has attended every Regional OpenWorks partner meeting and is always an active participant and always willing to help a new franchisee. Stefan has always been a go to person when we need any over and above help and has great working relationships with his customers, vendors and the OpenWorks management team. Stefan has also helped with real world hands on knowledge at our FirstWorks new franchisee training sessions. This process has worked well with new franchisee’s working with a seasoned mentor.”

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