Sukut Construction

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February 9, 2018
Customer Success Stories
“We don’t have any issues with OpenWorks!”- Annastazia,Senior Executive Assistant

Sukut Construction is an engineering contractor with 50 years of experience working on a variety of projects throughout California, including residential, public, commercial and industrial projects.


Find a Thorough Service ProviderSukut Construction wanted to find a service provider that paid attention to detail and didn’t create any issues for their employees. They also wanted to find a provider that would be easy to communicate with, and who would be able to deliver other services on top of janitorial as needed


Working with OpenWorksSukut Construction has found OpenWorks very easy to work with, and relayed that they find us available and dependable when it comes to servicing their facility. They said that they have no issues with OpenWorks.


An Effective and Efficient TeamSukut Construction said that they find their service to be exceptional. They would absolutely recommend OpenWorks to a business associate or friend – they said that given their busy schedules, they value being able to count on their facility services being carried out so effectively and efficiently. They added that they no longer need to worry about making sure the job at hand is done thoroughly, as it always is.

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