Sunil Dev - Clean Bliss Works


Name: Sunil Dev - Clean Bliss WorksHow long have you been a franchisee? 3 YearsWhy did you decide to purchase a commercial cleaning franchise? After interviewing several franchisors in the Pacific northwest, I computed a matrix and calculated that Openworks had the best track record and franchising opportunity available.What has been your biggest success? The training, sales support and marketing done by Openworks has been the success to my business.What are you most looking forward to in your franchise business? To date Openworks personnel have provided cutting edge technology. They have increased the market share dramatically since the start of my business. With the technical knowhow and expertise, Openworks has delivered their promise in maintaining a firm administration support, advise and never missed a payment.Regional Operations Director’s Observations: “Sunil Dev was my very first franchise disclosure and my first franchise sale at first I was a little intimidated as he came well organized and did a lot of research prior to our meeting. Sunil has been franchise owner in the Washington region for three years now. Right out of the gate on his first account he worked very well building relationships with the site managers. Sunil’s success is largely due to his very positive can do attitude. Sunil has also taken over an account that was frankly at risk with that current provider and when Sunil took it over and blossomed this account to zero issues over the last year. They love him there.”

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