The Advantages of Experience and Support in a Franchise

Starting your own business is an empowering and exciting experience; however, even the savviest of entrepreneurs can benefit from utilizing a proven business model and ongoing support. There are plenty of advantages to being part of a franchise system compared to starting your own business, but perhaps the most significant advantage is the ongoing support that a franchise company provides to its franchisees. OpenWorks offers a variety of support systems to its franchisees, including but not limited to: providing customers, equipment, training, and client retention assistance.Support Systems Keep Clients HappyWithout the experience and support from a larger entity, many businesses find it difficult to retain the clients they spend so much time working to acquire. For example, in the commercial cleaning industry the standard client retention rate is 83%. With the support of OpenWorks, that number is much higher. This increase is directly the result of the ongoing support systems in place that are designed to help franchisees maximize their time and focus on nurturing relationships with their clients.Customer Service is KeyAnother part of ongoing franchise support unavailable to independent business owners is access to a dedicated customer satisfaction system. This is exemplified by the many testimonials from satisfied OpenWorks’ clients, such a Genie Industries/Terex who stated, “OpenWorks biggest strength is how responsive they are to customer concerns.  They have improved the overall consistency at our various buildings!” Without a dedicated customer service infrastructure, many business owners see their customer service efforts fall victim to a lack of attention to detail. With so much to worry about when running a business, it’s not surprising that many businesses allow their customer service to slip from time to time. Having a customer service ecosystem already in place is a major benefit because it allows franchisees to focus on other aspects of their business.Teaching Old Dogs New TricksOne of the most valuable aspects of the corporate support system in the franchise model is access to continuous training and development. While most entrepreneurs are already highly skilled and experienced, they recognize the value of having state of the art training available to them through the parent franchise company. This access to continuous training and development allows franchisees to navigate their industry landscape independently, yet with resources when they need it.No Selling RequiredOpenWorks offers their franchisees freedom from selling by providing franchisees with initial customers. OpenWorks has a full time sales staff that handles sales for their franchisees in order to provide them with their initial accounts. This guarantee of initial customers provides franchisees with peace of mind, and allows them to focus on getting their business running and managing their employees. Franchisees also have the option to opt into having a continual flow of leads for future business as well.

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