TRA Medical Imaging

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January 5, 2018
Customer Success Stories
“OpenWorks and their reps strive to get better, each day.”- Josh,Facilities Specialist

TRA Medical Imaging is a Washington-based company offering diagnostic imaging services. With a focus on compassionate and individualized care, they provide over 1.2 million interpretations annually.


To Improve Cleaning ServicesTRA Medical Imaging wanted to improve their cleaning services for their facility, and find a team that was open and proactive, with strong communication skills.


Procuring OpenWorksAfter procuring OpenWorks’ services, TRA Medical Imaging mentioned that they think their OpenWorks team strives to improve each day. They relayed that they found they can talk to OpenWorks about proactively and cooperatively heading off any issues at the pass.


A Responsive and Communicative Service ProviderTRA Medical Imaging said that their cleaning services have been greatly improved since OpenWorks came on board, particularly at their main administrative building over the last several months. They are so impressed with our services that they are looking to procure OpenWorks’ services elsewhere in the future. TRA Medical Imaging also said that they would recommend OpenWorks to a business associate of friend without reservation, as they have found us to be responsive and cordial. They appreciate the monthly check-ins from their OpenWorks team, as well as the fact that communication is open and transparent.

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