Wall Street Journal Features OpenWorks

The Wall Street Journal features OpenWorks in their June 8, 2016 publication.

Let the Office Thermostat Wars Begin

In summer air-conditioning season, nothing is more divisive than where to set the temperature; dummy stats and wading pools

Never mind messy desks, noisy colleagues and smelly office kitchens. No workplace dispute is as divisive as where to set the office thermostat. Some 3 in 5 employees tamper with the thermostat without asking colleagues, according to a 2015 survey of 301 employees by Survey Sampling International for OpenWorks, a Phoenix commercial-cleaning company.More than 3 in 5 participants in the survey use personal fans or heaters or don lap blankets and fingerless gloves. Some employees stay cool by placing a “small wading pool under the desk to ‘paddle’ their feet,” one participant wrote.Some employers give managers who are chronically overheated separate offices with their own thermostats, says Dave Hicks, director of facilities solutions for OpenWorks. Others move overheated employees away from windows and sunlight.Read the full article published by The Wall Street Journal here.

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