Ways to Improve Productivity in the Work Space

According to Gallups report on the State of the American Workplace, over 50 % of American employees admit that their basic, individual, teamwork, or personal growth needs are not met in the workplace. Consequentially, disabling them from working as productive as possible.If you want to keep employees productive, it’s imperative to ensure that they're comfortable and happy. Employees are inclined to work hard when they're working for a company that they feel values them and their contributions. Below are a few examples of ways to increase productivity in the workplace:Promote a positive atmosphere. Positive work culture inspires creativity. It is important to create an environment that perfectly illustrates the company's culture. Encourage positive relationships between colleagues. Collaboration is important for bigger projects. When employees can work cohesively, projects can be done at such quicker rates with far less drama.Make sure conditions are workable and ideal for concentration. The workspace must be set to comfortable temperatures so that employees can concentrate fully on their tasks. Equipment must be well maintained and sufficient enough to conquer all projects and workloads. It is important that equipment is easily accessible to have projects done efficiently and decrease stress on employees. Nature is crucial to humans well beings so be sure to incorporate a bit of nature in the workspace by buying plants and allowing natural light into the office. This will improve mood swings, promote alertness and create a better metabolism for employees.Encourage employees to implement healthier foods in their diets. Unhealthy foods leads to fatigue and makes us less productive. Healthier foods like fruits and vegetables allow us to become more engaged, gives us more energy, promotes happiness, curiosity, and creativity. Find ways to promote and educate the benefits of eating healthy to your employees. Make sure materials used to educate employees on the importance of healthy eating is easily obtainable to everyone. Put up flyers around lunch and break rooms, send out periodic emails encouraging healthier eating habits.Encourage, motivate, and reward all employees.Encourage employees to do their absolute best at work, not for the sake of the company but for themselves. Ensure them that if they work hard enough, growth within the company is possible. Make time for personal meetings with employees. Transparency is essential to productivity so be sure to take time periodically to let your employees know how they’re doing. Employees love to feel valued. Guarantee value by celebrating performances, holidays, birthdays and anniversaries.Establish a culture that is inclusive and accepting of all employees. Employees want to feel proud of the company that they work for and wants the company that they work for to feel proud of them. This enables them to exceed goals and expectations. Encourage employees to personalize their workspace. Employees spend a substantial number of hours at work, their workspace should be a representation of who they are and the things they love to help them become more comfortable and ultimately improve productivity.For more information on how OpenWorks can benefit your facility, view our website here.Source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/williamcraig/2017/07/25/3-reasons-why-positive-work-cultures-are-more-productive/#6ecaeeac1edeSource: https://hiring.workopolis.com/article/five-science-backed-tips-for-a-more-productive-workplace/

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