Why an OpenWorks Franchise?

OpenWorks Featured on Enterprise Radio - Key Takeaways

We are growing! In fact, we are growing in sales, operations and number of franchises. It’s a really exciting time for us here at OpenWorks. So, why should you consider joining us as a franchisee in this exciting time? David Bosley, our Executive Vice President, joined Enterprise Radio to talk about just that.Here are the key takeaways from his insightful podcast:

  • We are currently located in five states (Texas, Illinois, California, Washington and Arizona), but we are expanding into Northern California in the near future and have tons of opportunities in all of our territories.
  • You do not need a background in commercial cleaning to join the OpenWorks team. That’s because we provide extensive training and equipment to all of our franchisees.
  • In fact, a full equipment package is included, as well as the knowledge on how to use the equipment and maximize profits.
  • No need to be afraid of selling with us – we have a full-time corporate sales team that does both the inside and outside sales for you. We guarantee a certain amount of revenue to new franchisees from that corporate sales team.
  • Every month, we host ongoing training to keep franchisees sharp by offering subjects like recruiting and hiring, options for direct deposit and paying employees, and sales seminars in case you want to take a bigger stake in growing your business.
  • We typically see five phases of OpenWorks operations. Franchisees begin as hands-on owners/operators with our low cost of entry and progress to being true business owners who work on expanding the business geographically and organically.
  • We are a boring brand. That’s right, he said that! But that’s a good thing because every single commercial property you pass on the road is a potential client, and our services are always needed. In fact, we grew during the recession. So, don’t think trendy – think stable!

Want to hear more? Check out the full podcast on Entrepreneur Podcast Network by clicking here. Are you ready to join the growing OpenWorks team?

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